May 20, 2010
Product features digital dental panoramic imaging technology.

SECAUCUS, New Jersey--Vatech America, maker of digital dental imaging equipment, has announced release of the PaX-Primo and upgraded PaX-Primo (i) version.

The newest digital panoramic unit is equipped with a CMOS digital sensor that captures diagnostic panoramic X-ray images in approximately nine seconds.

The PaX-Primo (i) model features ALSA (Automatic Layer Selection Algorithm) functionality to produce digital diagnostic images using Vatech’s proprietary Adaptive Layer Mode Panoramic Tomography (AMPT) solution. AMPT technology enables an automatic optimization of radiographic images by compensating for incorrect positioning and abnormal patient arches that would normally produce an unfocused and unclear radiographic image.

A large user-friendly 10.4-inch LCD touch panel enables the doctor and staff to operate the PaX-Primo next to the patient. In addition, the LCD touch panel is detachable for use outside of the X-ray room.

A built in USB port and SD Memory card slot make image storage fast and portable. This eliminating the need for a computer. But the PaX-Primo is network-ready with a built in ethernet port for easy integration.

Side loading of the patient allows for a direct frontal view helping make patient positioning easy and accurate. Bite wing, TMJ, and sinus modes come standard to help result in a versatile diagnostic tool.

Its compact size and lightweight design weighs less than 165 pounds, occupies smaller than a 4’ x 4’ space, and features simple installation. The PaX-Primo comes standard as a wall unit with an optional base.

Competitive introductory pricing makes this a practical choice for the value-conscious practitioner. Vatech products are available for purchase through authorized Vatech dealers.

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