Dental seminar set for Nov. 16-18

March 2, 2006
Three-day event in Las Vegas, caled TBSE 2006, to offer ideas for success, team-building and motivation.

REISTERSTOWN, Maryland--The place for dentists and their teams to be in 2006 will definitely be Las Vegas!

But they are not necessarily going for the gambling or the world-class shopping. The fact that Vegas boasts more restaurants and entertainment per capita than anywhere else in the world does not particularly phase them.

Sure, all of those things are great. And as everyone knows, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." But the real reason dental offices will be heading to Vegas in November is to be a part of TBSE 2006!

TBSE stands for "The Best Seminar Ever." The three-day event, filled with fun and learning, is produced by The Madow Brothers--Drs. David and Richard Madow, co-founders of The Madow Group.

In 1995, the Madows came up with an idea and formula to put on a multi-day dental seminar that would be different from all of the ordinary ones. The first one sold out within days of the announcement!

In 2006, Rich and Dave promise to give dental offices something they have neve before experienced.

"Our goal is to have dentists and their teams feel that this was the most incredible event they have ever been to. Better than any rock concert or Broadway show," said Rich Madow.

"We will have the best lineup of speakers ever at TBSE, and we will have an expanded exhibit hall and learning area where doctors will be able to discover new products and other cool things that can help them practice better!"

"Rich and I are proud of the fact that we produce the very best dental show in the world," said Dave Madow. "We have been studying the art of dental seminar production for more than 11 years now. TBSE is somewhat like the iPod of dental seminars--there is a lot of product out there but the people know (and always come back to) the one that is the best!"

Rich and Dave have figured out how to make a dental seminar feel more like a rock concert. Many offices dress in crazy costumes and clothes. They get in line early to assure themselves front-row seats!

When it?s over, they leave with the best success, team-building and motivational ideas they can put into use in their practices as well as their lives. This year the Madows will be working with a production team that promises a unique sound and vision experience.

"We will bring in all of our staging, lighting, audio and video equipment, as well as our own stage crew," said Jason Reppenhagen of LV Productions. "It will take several 18-wheelers to get everything there. The result will make TBSE unlike any other production!"

The Madows have not unveiled the location of TBSE 2006, nor have they unveiled the lineup of speakers.

"There?s plenty of time until November.We will not make an official announcement until every detail is in place," said Dave.

"The only thing we?re saying now is that TBSE 2006 will be held in Las Vegas from Nov. 16-18!

"Our attendees know we have always put our hearts and souls into TBSE. The only thing they don?t know is that they haven?t seen anything yet! Just wait.""