Biofilm control strategy for dental professionals unveiled

Oct. 26, 2006
Strategy involves an aggressive new marketing campaign and several key educational initiatives.

SKILLMAN, New Jersey--Johnson & Johnson Oral Health Products has unveiled an aggressive new marketing campaign and several key educational initiatives specifically developed with the dental professional in mind.

"Although we appeared to be low key during the past year or so, we were actually very busy assessing the needs of the professional dental market and developing a cohesive strategy and a variety of integrated tactics to address those needs," said Lyn S. Soloway, Product Director, Professional Oral Care.

"A lot of this time was spent traveling throughout the country to conduct focus groups as well as one-one-one interviews with dentists, hygienists and dental assistants."

According to Soloway, these research groups helped her better understand the oral hygiene compliance challenges that dental professionals face and also what proposed marketing and product messages best resonated with this targeted group.

"We were able to gather a wealth of market intelligence from those who are on the front lines of oral health on a day-to-day basis."

This valuable information enabled us to implement an ambitious four-pronged plan:

1. Put a face on the enemy. Saying it's good to brush, floss and rinse is not enough to increase patient compliance. That's why Johnson and Johnson Oral Health Products has declared war on biofilm and is positioning its REACH brand of oral hygiene products as weapons in the fight against the colonies of bugs living in one's mouth.

2. Differentiate Johnson & Johnson Oral Health Products from the competition. This will be evident in its newly-designed multi-media Biofilm Festival" trade show booth that is debuting at this year's ADA and a very heavy schedule of newly-created ads. REACH products will be positioned as effective "Biofilm Disrupters"

3. Provide dental professionals with the tools they need to ensure better oral hygiene compliance among their patients. In addition to developing new patient education materials regarding the need to control and reduce biofilm, Johnson & Johnson Oral Health Products will be continuing its sample program so dental professionals can send their patients home well equipped to fight the war on biofilm.

4. Fund continuing education programs that enable dental professionals to keep on top of the latest trends and developments in oral health care including the latest findings on the effects of biofilm. Johnson & Johnson Oral Health Products has partnered with major dental industry publishers and continuing educations providers to develop and host several online and bricks and mortar seminars.

"Our mission at Johnson & Johnson Oral Health Products has not changed," explained Soloway. "Our highest priority is to earn and maintain the trust of the entire dental team; the dentist, hygienist and assistant. However you will see us playing a stronger role as the catalyst for forging relationships between the dental team and health professionals in other fields. Johnson and Johnson Oral Health Products is without question, the only company in the dental space that can play this important role due to our market leadership and reputation in virtually every healthcare discipline imaginable."