Dr. Michael Silverman responds

April 30, 2007
The cofounder and president of DOCS comments on the recent TEAM 1500 news release.

Dr. Michael Silverman, cofounder and president of DOCS, offers the following comments on the recent TEAM 1500 news release:

"The acting Surgeon General's acknowledgment for TEAM 1500 commitment and dedication to its mission is appropriate. Twice, in a relatively short letter, Dr. Kenneth P. Moritsugu went out of his way to appreciate TEAM 1500's core mission--to ensure equal access to health-care for all Americans.

Although Dr. Moritsugu clearly defined the successful fulfillment of his role as acting Surgeon General as requiring a detachment from the policy establishment process, he did call on TEAM 1500 to continue to press its case with the ADA and those state regulators whose actions might interfere with the public's access to quality dental care.

More than 1,000 dentists and their patients have already written TEAM 1500 with their letters of support. I am sure that they all appreciate Dr. Moritsugu's position."