Innerlite Systems introduces a revolution in dental visibility

Jan. 25, 2002
The Innerlite System allows the dentist to concentrate on the procedure at hand, without the patient needing to close, swallow, sit up or spit out, or worry about their tongue getting in the way.

Innerlite Systems introduces a revolution in dental visibility. For unsurpassed intraoral illumination, the Innerlite System reportedly achieves shadowless dentistry. The disposable Isolite mouthpiece not only provides 180-degree illumination of the oral cavity from the inside out, but at the same time incorporates cheek and tongue retraction with high-speed evacuation. The Isolite can be comfortably placed in position in about five seconds and with the built-in bite block, allows the patient to relax his/her jaw.
Since the patient sits in one position, more productive, higher quality dentistry is achieved. Shadows no longer cause a problem and no more heads or hands in the way of the light. This frees the assistant's time to allow her to be more productive.
The Innerlite System comes with 50 disposable Isolite mouthpieces, which can be reordered in packages of 25.
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