Tabletop film processor introduced

Feb. 15, 2006
Processor has a dual replenishment system allowing the user to replenish automatically or manually by push button back-up.

Maple, Ontario--The TG Group has introduced the DentalMAX Film Processor.

The DentalMAX professional grade tabletop processor was designed by Hope Technology to deliver high output in a compact space. For more than 52 years, Hope has been recognized for manufacturing a reliable and diverse line of film processors covering the dental, medical, graphic arts, and photographic industries.

The DentalMAX is the latest in this line of professional grade equipment.

The DentalMAX Film Processor handles all dental film, sizes "O" through 8 inches x 10 inches and panoramic 6 inches x 12 inches. Processing throughput potential is 3,000 No. 2 films (or 99, 8x10 films) per hour in a footprint of just 18 inches x 32 inches.

The quiet, powerful, low energy dryer easily dries film under any condition. A dual replenishment system allows the user to choose to replenish automatically or manually by push button back-up.

Separate drains provide for quick draining of solutions and easy use of
silver recovery systems. With the optional closed loop system, no external plumbing is required. The automatic energy and water saving standby system has a built-in jog feature that allows manual operation backup.

The DentalMAX processor offers true diagnostic quality in all film applications: cephalometric, panoramic, and intra-oral studies. A light-tight feed cover reduces darkroom time and a daylight loading box is available.

The DentalMAX processor plugs into any standard wall outlet and measures
18 inches wide, 32 inches long, and 20 inches tall (without base). It is supported by a worldwide dealer sales and service network. A three-year warranty covers all parts.

For more information, call (800) 388-6236.