Their work continues

Sept. 25, 2009
The search continues for kidney donors, including for a well-known dental consultant in Arizona.

When Sun City West resident Pam Schultz offered to give one of her kidneys away, she never imagined her final round of tests would reveal an anomaly that could rule her out.

"We were the perfect match. Both blood type '0'. Our blood didn't fight. All tests confirmed I was healthy. This just doesn't make sense to me" said Schultz. "I just know I was meant to donate one of my kidneys. It was my faith that brought this opportunity into my radar screen, and while I'm crushed that I've been told I may not be the perfect fit — my work is not done here! If I can't give to Risa directly, I'll find someone who can donate to her, so I can give life to another person in need." Schultz said with conviction.

While Schultz's intended recipient (Risa Simon of Scottsdale, AZ, a veteran practice management consultant in dentistry) was equally disheartened by this discovery, her new best friend's relentless desire to help her only strengthened her resolve.

"She continues to fuel my spirit so we can continue our work to help others." Simon says, "Perhaps there's a hidden message in having to go to 'plan B'? Perhaps we're supposed to seek more potential donors, so the possibility of a living kidney transplant might become a reality for many more people — and not just for me."

Currently, more than 86,000 people are waiting for a kidney. The average wait in this country for a deceased donor's kidney is approximately five years. Tragically, this timeline equates to about 12 lives lost per day, when those in need can wait no longer. An even more tragic fact is that most people think they have to be dead to donate.

"Pam and I believe we can make a difference by inspiring good-hearted people who are already looking for extraordinary avenues to serve — and it doesn't get any more extraordinary than this!"

If you'd like to join the crusade to help Pam Schultz find a healthy blood type '0' donor for Risa Simon and thousands of others in need; or if would like to inquire about becoming a living kidney donor yourself, call Pam (812) 499-6938 or Risa (480) 363-0992. Or email: [email protected] or