Health Net Foundation

May 25, 2012
Funding is intended to help 12 school-based health centers and community medical clinics improve dental health experience, access, and education in California.

LOS ANGELES, California--The Health Net Foundation, a subsidiary of Health Net, is providing $175,000 in grants to 12 California school-based health centers and community medical clinics to further their efforts in helping prevent childhood and adult dental problems.

“The importance of the programs these grants will support is clear,” said Sean O’Brien, director of Dental Operations for Health Net of California.

“Poor oral health has been linked to heart and lung disease, diabetes, stroke, extremely high birth weight and premature births, and we are hoping the efforts of these health centers and clinics will help prevent those outcomes.”

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Added Patricia Clarey, president of the Health Net Foundation: “Dental care has medical consequences. These grants are intended to enhance the dental care experience, improve access to dental services, and provide dental health education for special needs populations like adults with diabetes, pregnant women, and children up to age 3.”

The Health Net Foundation grants are being provided to the following clinics and centers across California:

Los Angeles County
Eisner Pediatric and Family Medical Center
Kids’ Community Dental Clinic
St. John’s Well Child and Family Center
QueensCare Family Clinics
Universal Care Dental Group
Northeast Valley Health Corporation

San Diego County
La Maestra Family Clinic
San Ysidro Health Center

Sacramento County
The Effort

Merced County
Golden Valley Health Centers

Inland Empire
Community Health Systems

San Joaquin Valley
United Health Centers of San Joaquin Valley

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