Syringe-in-syringe system designed to prevent chemical degradation

Feb. 23, 2007
Ultradent's JetMix Syringe is a unique mixing and delivery system for a non-compromising self-etch adhesive.

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah--Ultradent Products, Inc. has introduced JetMix Peak, a unique syringe-to-syringe mixing and delivery system.

JetMix is designed to offer a fresh and consistent mix for chemistries with two components such as Ultradent's new Peak Peak SE Primer.

JetMix is a syringe-in-syringe system designed to prevent chemical degradation inherent with most single bottle self-etch adhesive systems. Components of the JetMix system are separated by a thin membrane.

The chemistries within each component are mixed together when the end plunger is quickly and forcefully pressed (or JetMixed) into the middle barrel, rupturing the membrane. Once mixed, the self-etch primer remains fresh for more than 30 days.

Self-etch adhesive systems which are packaged pre-mixed face specific challenges including degradation of mixed chemistries, which can result in reduced bond strengths. By keeping interactive chemistries separate until ready for use, JetMix provides a fresh mix that maintains unsurpassed bond strengths to both dentin and enamel.

For more information about JetMix or Ultradent's Peak SE primer, call Ultradent Products, Inc. at (800) 552-5512, or visit the company online at