OralChroma advanced halitosis measuring device to debut at CDA Presents Anaheim 2016

The OralChroma advanced halitosis measuring device allows dental professionals to assess patients' breath to identify potential underlying oral infections and systemic health risks.

May 10th, 2016
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The OralChroma advanced halitosis measuring device allows dental professionals to assess patients' breath to identify potential underlying oral infections and systemic health risks.

Nissha USA Inc., the North American marketing arm of OralChroma manufacturer FIS Inc., will be showcasing the OralChroma halitosis measuring device during CDA Presents Anaheim from May 12th through the May 14that Booth No. 2351.

The OralChroma device provides quick and precise in-office analysis for the three volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) that are responsible for 90% of halitosis cases. OralChroma is a compact, operatory-friendly version of the large-scale gas chromatographs used in research laboratories.

“We believe that dental professionals hold the solutions for most factors causing halitosis, but to date, no clinical halitosis measurement device seems to have truly helped them in effectively selecting and applying those solutions," said Hiro Uenishi, OralChroma’s business development manager.

OralChroma enables dental professionals to provide their patients with accurate and objective breath analysis, which is important because of the social stigma attached to bad breath and because of the underestimated health risks bad breath represents.

“It’s been clinically proven that the same bacteria that cause halitosis also cause periodontal disease, which has been linked to many medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and some forms of cancer,” explained Uenishi.

One of the key advantages of using OralChroma is that it differentiates each of the three major components of oral malodor rather than simply measuring the overall breath level. By understanding the degree of three VSCs respectively, dental professionals can gain insight into factors affecting patient’s breath and plan the treatment based on evidence.

To use OralChroma, the patient breathes into a disposable syringe that is used to inject the breath sample into an inlet port of the device. The breath analysis process begins automatically, and the Data Manager software displays the following three VSC readings and judgment against threshold value on a USB-connected computer screen in just four minutes:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide—the VSC associated with poor oral hygiene and the presence of organic debris on the dorsum of the tongue
  • Methyl Mercaptan—the VSC associated with periodontal disease (1)
  • Dimethyl Sulfide—the VCS associated with systemic (blood-borne), metabolic (blood-borne), or respiratory conditions, including otolaryngological (ENT) problems (1)

OralChroma’s Data Manager software also allows the easy storage and management of an unlimited amount of patient data, thus enabling the visualization of treatment progress and status in chronological order, which can help to motivate patients and enhance their relationships with the dentist and hygienist.

“With halitosis affecting 50–60% of the world’s population, there’s a high probability that many patients of the average dental office are afflicted,” said Uenishi (1). “OralChroma is easily integrated into an existing examination protocol and will help dentists and hygienists alike elevate their standard of patient care.”

During the CDA Presents Anaheim, Nissha USA will be offering OralChroma,regularly priced at $7,500, for $6,900 with the bonus of a bundled laptop computer and Data Manager preinstalled and ready to use. A "try before you buy" program is also available. For more information, visit oralchroma.us or contact OralChroma at (844) 624-7662 or info@oralchroma.us.

1. Badanjak S. Halitosis in the Absence of Oral Causes: Recent Research on the Etiology of Non-Oral Origins of Halitosis. Can J Dent Hygiene. 2012;46(4):231–237.

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