DUX Dental introduces ZONEfree syringe and violet X-ray apron


DUX Dental announced today that it has added new items to two of its product lines. As of today, ZONEfree temporary dental cement is available in a 15-gram dual-barrel syringe to provide dental practitioners with more flexibility. The syringe allows practitioners to dispense larger volumes of cement for hand mixing and provides more time for multiple preparations. DUX Dental has also introduced a new reversible violet-hued lead-free x-ray apron that gives dental practices a unique, sophisticated color choice to complement modern office decor. RELATED: New products to see at the ADA

ZONEfree Dental Cement Goes Beyond Aesthetics with New 15-Gram Syringe

ZonefreeLike the popular 4-gram automix syringe, the 15-gram dual-barrel syringe delivers the same exquisite results that ZONEfree temporary dental cement has become known for. ZONEfree contains prismatic color blending nanofillers that act like tiny beads of glass to reflect the color of any adjacent surface. Its unique formulation combines the esthetic benefits of reflective nanofillers and translucency, creating a natural look that blends with the color of the patient’s own teeth, crowns or other surfaces around it. ZONEfree is the only zinc oxide non-eugenol cosmetic cement that is translucent. Yet, when ZONEfree is dispensed and applied the cement has a pearly white appearance, giving it enough color to allow the dentist or assistant to place it precisely, and see excess cement during clean up and removal to avoid resin build-up.

Dr. Allan Mohr, an expert in cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry, says, “I’ve found ZONEfree to be the best temporary cement available because of its ease of use and quick clean up. I’ve started using it for a variety of applications including bridges and crowns, in addition to aesthetic procedures. The large-volume syringe accommodates those needs and gives me more flexibility when I’m preparing for a procedure.”

ZONEfree has a working time of one and a half minutes and the cement self cures in two minutes with no need for a curing light. ZONEfree remains triclosan free, as the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has called the additive’s safety into question and is currently reviewing it.

The manufacturer’s product number for ZONEfree 15-gram is #27042 and is available for the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (M.S.R.P.) of $55.00 per syringe from most major dental distributors.

Violet-hued Lead-Free X-Ray Apron Provides Practices with A Unique New Color Choice

Vcsprasset 2055918 85237 Fbfec105 F121 493e Bfe1 Bf3e4d705a7f 0At the 2013 California Dental Association meeting, DUX Dental called upon members of the dental community to vote on a new color for the company’s next lead-free x-ray apron. Violet was the overwhelming winner:

“Our bronze-colored lead-free apron has been very popular in the marketplace because it gave practices a new color choice that was different than the typical offerings,” says Stacey Williams, director of sales and marketing at DUX Dental. “Voters chose violet because they want equipment and décor that is modern, sophisticated and more unique than the typical blues and pinks.”

The new DUX Dental lead-free x-ray apron is reversible – vibrant violet on one side and a neutral charcoal on the reverse side. Since it’s lead-free, the apron is three pounds lighter than a traditional x-ray apron and thus cooler, and more comfortable for the patient, while still providing the same level of protection as traditional leaded aprons.

The violet x-ray apron is available in two styles:
-Violet/Charcoal reversible apron with thyroid collar – product number #31359. M.S.R.P. $329.1
-Violet/Charcoal panoramic poncho – product number #31360. M.S.R.P. $465.00

All of the new DUX Dental products are available now through dental dealers in U.S. and Canada. Dealer pricing may vary.

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