EverLight enhanced in illumination

Direct LED light has new look.

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MALVERN, Pennsylvania--DentalEZ Group, a supplier of products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, has announce that the everLight LED operatory light is enhanced with brighter illumination.

Conversion kits are available for competitive lights, as well as existing users of the original everLight.

Everlight EsSpecifically, the everLight’s intensity settings are increased for brighter illumination:

• Low setting – has been increased from 8,000 LUX to 15,000 LUX
• Medium setting – has been increased from 15,000 LUX to 25,000 LUX
• High setting – has been increased from 25,00 LUX to 30,000 LUX

The everLight’s procedural settings have also been enhanced for a clearer, whiter light:

• The “A Sun” color match setting has been increased from 5,300 Kelvin to 5,800 Kelvin
• The “B Sun/Bulb” operative setting has been increased from 4,300 Kelvin to 4500 Kelvin

An alternative to halogen-based operatory lights, the everLight LED operatory light provides color-corrected lighting, precise light pattern, and energy-efficient features. The everLight encompasses a long life of 30,000-plus hours, 10 times longer than halogen; therefore, there no longer is a need for replacement of lightbulbs.

Moreover, dental professionals should see savings on monthly energy expenses since the everLight uses less than 35 watts of energy; 70% less than halogen-based systems.

No reflector or fan is required for the everLight since it is 100% true direct LED lighting and remains at a consistent, cool temperature.

The everLight is equipped with nine temperature/intensity settings. Its LED technology provides natural daylight illumination and a precise light pattern. This results in clear oral cavity visibility and color matching. Furthermore, the everLight’s LED composite setting will not cause pre-maturing on composite materials.

The design of the everLight is ergonomically equipped with a standard third-axis rotation to allow positioning for illumination. The everLight is installed in six mounting configurations.

The everLight has an extended life expectancy, and comes with a three-year warranty combined with a six-year warranty on the unit’s engine components (switches, LED driver, and lens).

For more information, call (866) DTE-INFO or visit www.dentalez.com.

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