Top 5 products from DentistryIQ Product Update to start 2014

Here are the Top 5 products from the DentistryIQ Product Update eNL to start 2014.


So, what have been the most popular products to be featured in the DentistryIQ Product Update eNL to start 2014?

In ascending order, here are the Top 5 products--based on number of clicks--in the eNL for the first three months of the year:

5. Happy Teeth promotes a lifetime of good oral health(271 clicks)
Astounded by the lack of knowledge among parents regarding dental care in infants and children, Kasey Pitillo set out to develop better oral habits in the nation’s youngsters. The result is Happy Teeth Natural Baby non-fluoridated toothpaste and the Pure Baby Toothbrush.


4. New floss ideal for patients who need a little something extra (274 clicks)
This floss is ideal for patients with implants, bridges, braces, and wide perio spaces. X-Floss has a thick and bulky texture, but its flexibility makes it perfect for cleaning under bridges and around implants. Best of all, the attached "firm nylon threader" resists bending and buckling during use, making it easy to thread.

X Floss

3. Dental Anywhere Mobile Apps address the hygiene recall problem (474 clicks)
It’s important to have a good working hygiene recall program. But people slip through the cracks. Dental Anywhere Mobile Apps has created a new hygiene recall feature to catch those nonappointed patients when all other recall systems have failed.

Hygiene Recall

2. Tom’s of Maine coloring book reinforces oral health(525 clicks)
A new coloring book called Brushing Fun from Tom’s of Maine introduces kids to natural oral care. The coloring book offers tips and facts about oral care that accompany a story about a child’s journey to a magical forest.

Coloring Book

1. New gaming app inspires kids to brush their teeth(563 clicks)
Featuring a fun and colorful design of action figures with gigantic teeth, the new Toothsavers app will interact with kids and encourage them to brush for a full two minutes. They'll do this in part by saving characters in the game, and even enjoying a two-player version.

Gaming App

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