Suni Announces New Macintosh-based Dental Imaging Software

SuniMac Provides Simple Capture and Diagnostic Tools for Mac-based Practitioners

San Jose — Suni Medical Imaging, Inc, announces the new SuniMac Imaging System. SuniMac is an easy to learn imaging software and sensor package that uses a streamlined user interface design that is typical of today’s Mac-based products. SuniMac also includes a full set of tools for image enhancement, note taking, and importing and exporting digital X-rays and images.

Recognizing the increasing demand for Mac software, Suni teamed up with Haas Software to develop SuniMac, an imaging product developed specifically for dentists who want to use Mac products. “More dental professionals are turning toward more powerful and sleeker Macintosh systems to power their dental practices," said Paul Tucker, CEO, Suni Medical Imaging. "SuniMac provides just the power needed to capture diagnostic quality images in the simple and effective way that is characteristic of all Macintosh products in the market today.”

The simplicity of the Macintosh coupled with powerful image capture and enhancement technologies that SuniMac provides is just what dentists who are making the switch to Mac-based practices need. “After following a simple installation procedure, users can immediately begin using SuniMac software,” said Dr. Garret Guess, a member of the SuniMac evaluation team. “To take images, it’s just a matter of having a sensor plugged into the Mac computer, and clicking a button to take the X-ray … quite a simple process. And, it was extremely easy for me to integrate the software with my existing practice management program. I’ve used SuniMac with SuniRay and Dr. Suni Plus sensors, and there are never any issues.”

SuniMac provides a complete solution of hardware and software for the dental office. The software easily integrates with both of Suni’s flagship sensor products, Dr. Suni Plus and SuniRay Digital Radiography Systems. SuniMac is also offered as a stand-alone software package, and it easily integrates into any existing Mac-based practice management program. SuniMac will be available for national distribution in April, 2012. For more information, call 1800-GET-SUNI or visit

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