3M Unitek braces

Braces realign the “social six” teeth.

MONROVIA, California--3M Unitek has launched Incognito Lite Hidden Braces.

The braces are a new lingual brace system that is placed on the inside of the teeth, making it virtually unnoticeable to others. Incognito Lite Braces realign the “social six” teeth, those in view when smiling or talking, and are used as a treatment method for mild to moderate misalignment cases that do not require the full Incognito Hidden Braces System.

A customized lingual fixed bracket system, Incognito Lite braces are a treatment option for adult patients, especially relapse cases. The product has been awarded an international design prize, The Red Dot Award: Product Design 2012. It received the Red Dot for fine design in the health-care products category.

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Incognito Lite Hidden Braces use the same advanced technology as the original Incognito Hidden Braces, featuring customized brackets and robotically bent wires; however, Incognito Lite Braces require fewer brackets and only three preselected archwires, mounted exclusively on the inside of the teeth. They allow for an efficient, yet targeted treatment.

Orthodontists benefit from the easier accessibility to the area behind patients’ teeth during system placement, and fewer wires are used than with the original Incognito Hidden Braces to deliver faster results. Another key differentiator is that it is the first Incognito Braces product to be digitally set up using proprietary software.

Patients may experience shorter treatment time compared to other "invisible" solutions on the market because Incognito Lite Braces are worn all day, every day.

“We are thrilled to make this simple and completely esthetic treatment option available to our customers,” said Gabrielle Minkus, U.S. marketing manager for the Incognito brand, 3M Unitek.

"Our focus was on creating a treatment option that was simple for our orthodontists. This product offers great ease-of-use for their staff, thanks to simple bonding and simple wire changes, and it’s a simple treatment for patients because it requires much less treatment time. We want to help our orthodontists give their patients what they want: straight teeth with hidden braces."

Dr. Adam Schulhof, one of the leading Incognito Hidden Braces providers in North America, added, “Even more impressive than the beautiful results my patients get with Incognito Lite Braces is the minimal chairtime involved. The initial bonding is very easy and the wire changes are simple and quick. My assistants love it almost as much as the patients do. There is no need for "reboots" or multiple finishing appointments.”

With simplified handling, Incognito Lite Braces complement the Incognito Hidden Braces system and offer ease-of-use for orthodontists, especially those who want to enter lingual (behind-the-teeth) orthodontics. According to trial users, patients benefited from quick acclimatization and high comfort while wearing Incognito Lite Hidden Braces.

For more information, visit 3MUnitek.com.

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