KaVo introduces comprehensive product portfolio at 152nd Chicago Midwinter Meeting

KaVo has expanded its product portfolio beyond instrumentation to include imaging and treatment units.

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Kavo LogoKaVo has expanded its product portfolio beyond instrumentation to include imaging and treatment units.

KaVo is expanding its product offering beyond handpieces to include innovative treatment units and imaging solutions. The company introduced the comprehensive product line to the North American market during the 152nd Chicago Midwinter Meeting last week.

The newKaVo imaging portfolio is the result of bringing the Instrumentarium Dental products under the KaVo brand. For more than six decades, Instrumentarium Dental has developed extraoral imaging technology. KaVo plans to continue to grow the "OP" hallmark and heritage under the KaVo brand.

In addition to developments on the imaging side of the business, KaVo treatment units,the Estetica E50 Life and Estetica E70/E80 Vision units, will be available to the US market for the first time.

This transformation will also simplify the way KaVo supports its customers and products. A new KaVo website and a single phone number for service and support, (888) ASK-KAVO, launched on February 24, 2017. KaVo has also introduced a newlogo to help emphasize its position in dentistry as a global technology and equipment manufacturer.

“Around the world, the KaVo brand is synonymous with quality,” said Alistair Simpson, vice president of global marketing for KaVo Kerr. “Starting with this year’s Chicago Midwinter Meeting, we are excited to demonstrate to the market that reputation extends far beyond handpieces and instrumentation. Dental excellence was the goal KaVo first set in 1909, and it continues to be our commitment to the dental professionals we serve.”

Visit kavo.com for more information about the expanded portfolio.

Source: KaVo press release, 22 February 2017

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