Hand Essentials skin care line for dental offices

Clean hands help prevent spread of bacteria

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Clean hands are the single most important factor in preventing the spread of pathogens and antibiotic resistance in health care settings.

Hu-Friedy’s full line of medical grade soaps, sanitizers, and moisturizers help toward hand hygiene program compliance needed in the harsh environment of a dental office.

Hand Essentials™ Skin Repair Cream is an everyday moisturizer with Olivamine® to help restore the skin’s natural moisture balance. Poor skin condition often prevents clinicians from adequately washing their hands. Having chapped, red, irritated, or cracked hands is a barrier to hand hygiene compliance. Hand Essentials™ Skin Repair Cream contains olivamine, a patented blend of ingredients that delivers all of the essential nutrients necessary for optimal skin health.

Sterillium® Comfort Gel™ hand antiseptic is a scientifically proven, moisturizing, easy-to-use gel that not only meets all test and key use criteria, it far exceeds them, killing >99.999% of nosocomial pathogens within 15 seconds while increasing skin hydration. All of Hu-Friedy’s hand hygiene products are designed for frequent use and are CHG and Latex compatible.

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For more information, visit handessentials.com.

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