Carestream Dental launches CS OrthoTrac Cloud

New online platform enables orthodontists to manage their practices with Internet connectivity.

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PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania--Carestream Dental has launched CS OrthoTrac Cloud.

Previewed at the 2012 American Association of Orthodontists annual session, the cloud solution for OrthoTrac is available for purchase. CS OrthoTrac Cloud combines the features and functionality of OrthoTrac practice-management software with the convenience of a centralized, Web-based platform. This gives users access to the files they need 24/7 so they can effectively manage a practice.

Carestream Es“With the new CS OrthoTrac Cloud, orthodontists and their staff can have access to the practice-management software they have trusted for more than 30 years at all times,” said Susan Whitt, Carestream Dental’s senior product line manager.

“The cloud solution stores all applications, data, and patient information, including 2-D images, so practitioners can conduct business in the office or on the go with any MAC or PC laptop or even an iPad or other mobile device!”

OrthoTrac offers practices intuitive functions that streamline day-to-day tasks, including appointment scheduling and maintaining patient records. Additionally, OrthoTrac’s eServices help maximize efficiency by automating manual tasks like processing claims or statements.

Introduced in 1982, OrthoTrac has continued to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s orthodontists. With CS OrthoTrac Cloud, sensitive patient and practice management files are securely backed up and maintained by Carestream Dental in HIPAA-compliant storage. The cloud solution runs any software updates so users do not have to manually download upgrades to use new features.

During the 2012 AAO Annual Session, Carestream Dental is showcasing the new CS 3500 intraoral scanner (work in progress – not available for sale pending medical device regulatory clearances and registrations) that debuted at the California Dental Association-South Meeting in April. With the CS 3500, practitioners can quickly and easily scan patients’ teeth directly to acquire true color, full-arch 3-D images. Requiring no external heater or powder, the CS 3500 features high-angulation scanning of up to 45 degrees with a depth of field from -1 to +15 mm.

The CS 3500 connects directly via USB, also eliminating the need for a heavy trolley. The scanner features a light guidance system that navigates users through the image acquisition process. This feature allows practitioners to focus on mouths instead of monitors. Additionally, obtaining bite registrations with the CS 3500 is virtually automatic, requiring little or no manipulation of the images.

“The light guidance system is very straightforward--a green LED light illuminates when a scan is properly captured, while an amber LED light shines when a scan needs to be recaptured,” explained Whitt. “This ensures that practitioners are capturing images accurately every time.”

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