What would you do with extra time in your day?

July 16, 2019
Implementing AIRFLOW Therapy gives you precious minutes back

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As a busy dental hygienist, you don’t have time to waste. Every minute you spend with patients chairside is accounted for, whether charting, educating, taking radiographs, scaling, or talking with patients about their future treatment needs.

What happens if you’re running behind thanks to unexpected interruptions?

The thought of leaving anything out of an appointment is likely pretty frustrating. You want to provide patients with the best care possible and to let them know about services the practice offers that can help them reach optimal oral health.

The good news? There are ways you can add precious minutes back to your day, such as implementing AIRFLOW® Therapy into every appointment. This advanced air polishing system enables you to work more efficiently, saving time, so you won’t have to leave anything undone.

How AIRFLOW saves you time

While there never seems to be enough hours in your day, there are ways you can get lost time back. Using AIRFLOW Therapy saves you an average of 12 minutes per appointment. How? Biofilm removal doesn’t take nearly as long with this system compared to instrumentation and rubber cup polishing. In fact, it takes about five seconds per tooth—versus 30 to 64 seconds with scaling.

AIRFLOW isn’t a typical air polishing system. It is designed to be used with low abrasive powders that are safe for subgingival use, implant debridement, restorations, and root surfaces. AIRFLOW Therapy is an advanced biofilm management system that works on every patient. It’s equipped to reach and remove biofilm on the most difficult and delicate surfaces where rubber cups have limited access or hand and power scaling take longer.

With AIRFLOW, you spend less time with instrumentation and can eliminate rubber cup polishing. Removing biofilm first clears the way, so you can focus on hard deposit detection and removal. You’re able to work more efficiently, and use the time gained to complete tasks that might otherwise be difficult to get to.

Creating value for your practice

Adding AIRFLOW Therapy to your routine saves you time that you can invest back in the patient experience.

You can create the appointment you want, without feeling rushed. Your days will become less stressful and you’ll have more time in every appointment, translating into better experiences for patients and more profits for the practice. So, what would you do with extra time in your day?