Single-use versus Komet Deep Purple burs – which is faster?

March 29, 2019
Komet Deep Purple shine on crown-prep and gross tooth reduction compared to less-expensive and inferior single-use burs.

These days, everyone wants everything faster. We want our Internet to run faster, we want our coffee served faster and dentistry is no different. Successful practices know ‘chair-time’ is valuable and measure it to optimize workflow and revenue. When Single-Use burs emerged, they were going to save the day because they are ‘new’ every time. So, they supposedly are more dependable and faster.

Komet Deep Purple™ Diamonds are the real deal when it comes to high-performance prep for composite, ceramic crowns, and PFM. When the going gets tough, Deep Purple™ diamonds get going with extra-coarse diamond grains that are uniformly sized, and optimally embedded for consistent reduction. Deep Purple™ diamonds have been popular among dental practitioners and are specially designed for ultra-fast, effective substance removal, facilitating crown-preparation procedures.

“With Deep Purple™ diamond burs, the prep time for my crowns was significantly reduced. I highly recommend this bur to all clinicians.” Elizabeth S. Morris, DDS Oxon Hill, MD.

Deep Purple diamonds feature uniquely designed staggered blanks for minimal heat generation and an extra course grit for fast, measurably greater substance removal.