The Power of Mouthrinse: A more comprehensive recommendation for daily oral hygiene to control dental plaque and gingivitis

Jan. 26, 2023

LISTERINE® Antiseptic is 4.6 times more effective than floss for sustained plaque reduction above the gumline.* This research provides data-driven, clinically meaningful evidence to assist dental healthcare providers in recommending plaque and gingivitis control methods as part of their patients’ daily oral care routines. Learn more about what the data shows about LISTERINE® Antiseptic, how it works, and how dental professionals can confidently recommend LISTERINE® Antiseptic as an integral tool in helping patients achieve optimum oral health.

(*Flossing by a dental hygienist. Sustained plaque reduction after dental prophylaxis. Not a replacement for brushing or flossing.)

Read more by downloading this white paper HERE.

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