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WDJ has set its focus this issue by recognizing October as National Orthodontic Month.

WDJ has set its focus this issue by recognizing October as National Orthodontic Month. Recently, I had the pleasure of listening to several visionary thinkers in dentistry, and one of the repeated comments was “orthodontics for children is necessary in today’s world.” And I would have to agree. My mind moves on to all of my adult patients undergoing ortho treatment. No longer is orthodontics the tinsel-town fad, nor the metal mouth smile, but empowered patients proud to have made a proactive choice about their esthetics, dental wellness, and occlusion.

This issue is loaded with some great orthodontic treatment selections, diagnosis, case presentation, and treatment options. Orthodontics is a great practice builder, and there are currently lots of fantastic courses available to increase your knowledge and skill to add to your treatment offering. Take advantage of your study club, mentors, or this issue’s authors to find out what they recommend from starter courses to advanced training.

Our cover dentist, Dr. Carolyn Flanary, blends her knowledge, skill, leadership, and personality all into her practice, treatment philosophy, and even her Web site. Read about her energy, passion, and desire to challenge herself and her team. Who wouldn’t want her as their orthodontist?

Which brings me to this question: Are you a mentor? Do you have or need a mentor? Remember, this journey is only as good as those who travel with you. Woman Dentist Journal is a gathering place for women dentists to share and showcase their profession. Use this journal to connect and reach out. I challenge all of you to participate more - whether it be in writing, communication, or ideas. Let Woman Dentist Journal be a sounding board! Send your thoughts to lorit@pennwell.com or vickic@pennwell.com.

And finally, I could not let this issue go by without mentioning those women dentists directly affected by Hurricane Katrina. Ten days after the storm, I spoke with Dr. Martha Carr-Falkenstein from Mandeville, La. Thankfully, she and her family safely evacuated to Atlanta. Knowing Martha, her spirit and strength were amazingly strong, but something struck me in our conversation. She said, “You know, I forgot our insurance policy, but I remembered my guitar so I could sing to the girls at night.”

My wish for Martha and so many affected at this time is that music will heal. Godspeed.

Lori Trost, DMD
Dr. Trost is the managing editor of Woman Dentist Journal. She can be contacted by email at lorit@pennwell.com.

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