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Carestream Dental introduces updated, low-dose CS 9300 and new CS model.

Carestream Cs9300

NEW ORLEANS--Carestream Dental introduced two new products at the 2014 American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session.

The products include an updated version of the CS 9300 multi-modality imaging system that scans patients nyusing a lower radiation dose and new CS Model digital design software that for creating orthodontic appliances.

The new version of the CS 9300 captures diagnostic images at a lower radiation dose. The system coveris a wide scope of clinical needs with 3-D, 2-D, and optional one-shot cephalometric imaging capable of capturing images in just more than a second. It also features five field of view sizes; auto-landmark detection; and lateral, oblique, frontal (AP/PA), submento-vertex, and carpus views.

For orthodontic practices,the CS 9300 with Fast Scan decreases the amount of radiation required to capture an image.

The system features 3-D imaging with up to seven selectable fields of view, ranging from 5 cm x 5 cm to 17 cm x 13.5 cm, plus 2-D digital panoramic imaging with variable focal trough technology. Existing CS 9300 customers have the option to upgrade a current unit to include the fast scan capability for lower radiation dose.

“From its adaptable fields of view to easy patient positioning, the CS 9300 really is the all-in-one system that clinicians need in their practice,” said Matt Hendrickson, U.S. orthodontic director for Carestream Dental.

“This lower-dose version reflects our commitment to aligning our products with the ALARA Principle. Now, practitioners can get quality images whileproviding their patients with greater protection from radiation exposure.”

CS Model is Carestream Dental’s first CS Solutions CAD (Computer Aided Design) product designed with orthodontists in mind. Combined with Carestream Dental’s 3- scanning solutions, CS Model software enables practitioners to quickly create digital models, review and store them electronically, and produce orthodontic appliances through preferred labs.

Once digital impressions are captured with an intraoral scanner--such as the CS 3500 of the CS Solutions portfolio, or traditional impressions are scanned with a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging system, such as the CS 9300 or CS 9000 3D--orthodontic practices can use CS Model.

The software takes basic distance measurements, including overjet, overbite, pressure map, arch length, tooth size, and crowding measurement to further improve clinicians’ diagnostic capabilities. CS Model integrates seamlessly with Carestream Dental’s orthodontic imaging portfolio and CS OrthoTrac software, as well as other practice-management software. The software is compatible with other open CAD/CAM systems that produce orthodontic appliances.

CS Model eliminates the need to make and store physical plaster models, saving time and space for practices. The environmentally friendly solution also helps ensure that patients’ models are not damaged, lost, or mixed up over time. CS Model gives practices access to cases 24/7 without the need to access third-party storage via the Internet.

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