Dolphin Management adds OrthoAccel Technology AcceleDent Alerts

AcceleDent is an orthodontic micro pulse device

Chatsworth, Calif., & Houston — The Dolphin Management software program now supports adding a custom Alert Type with the AcceleDent logo for customers using the AcceleDentTM system from OrthoAccel.

"After setting up the AcceleDent Alert Type on patients, doctors will immediately see the AcceleDent logo pop up when opening a patient record within Dolphin Management if that patient is being treated with AcceleDent," says Todd Blankenbecler, manager of Dolphin Management development. "This allows doctors and clinical staff to quickly determine they are treating the patient with AcceleDent."

AcceleDent is an orthodontic micro pulse device that an orthodontist can prescribe to speed up orthodontic treatment.

"It is crucial to know which patients have chosen AcceleDent in order to schedule them appropriately," says Dr. Anil Idiculla, Park Meadows Orthodontics, Lone Tree, Colo.

The AcceleDent icon file will be distributed in the Dolphin Management 5.5 update. Alternatively, customers can contact OrthoAccel to have the icon file manually distributed to their system.

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