Disposable tooth, gum cleaners now available for all ages

Tooth wipes are all-natural, fight decay for a lifetime of healthy smiles,

TUCSON, Arizona--Spiffies Baby Tooth Wipes, individually packaged, disposable tooth and gum cleaners, are now available in all-natural Baby Grape and Baby Apple flavors, plus new Spiffies Tooth Wipes for all ages is available in natural Mmmango flavor.

Spiffies contain xylitol, a safe, natural ingredient proven to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Just wrap a Spiffies towelette around a finger and rub it over teeth and gums after every meal.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention says early childhood caries (or baby bottle tooth decay) is "perhaps the most prevalent infectious disease of our nation's children."

Spiffies inventor Dr. Ray Wagner, a Tucson, Ariz., board-certified pediatrician, has seen lots of early childhood tooth decay caused by sugary fruit juices and infants sucking on bottles when they're put to bed.

"Spiffies give parents a convenient, safe and effective way to clean their infant's teeth and prevent cavities," he said. "Spiffies help establish a regular oral hygiene routine, starting kids on a healthy lifestyle. And with Mmmango Spiffies Tooth Wipes, everyone can get a healthier smile anywhere, without a brush, paste or water."

Buy Spiffies at www.spiffies.co or by calling (888) 615-0751. A box of 24 costs $5.75; a tri-pack with 24 of each of three flavors costs just $15.75. Shipping is extra.

For a free sample, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to DR Products, 3305 N. Swan Road #109, PMB 431, Tucson, AZ 85712.

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