Company to provide underserved children with access to dental care

Heraeus teams up with National Children's Oral Health Care Foundation in nationwide effort.

ARMONK, NY, July 9, 2007—Heraeus has announced that it has teamed up with the National Children's Oral Health Care Foundation to provide underserved children nationwide with access to dental care.

The National Children's Oral Health Care Foundation's mission is to eliminate pediatric oral disease and promote overall health and well being for millions of economically disadvantaged children.

The initiative is central to Heraeus' global citizenship program and reflects the company's commitment to use its resources to impact the greater community--and to transform lives in a positive way. An estimated four million American children nationwide suffer from dental problems so severe they have trouble eating, sleeping and learning.

"The goal of the Foundation is to eliminate children's pain and suffering from pediatric dental disease. We're creating a powerful network of hundreds of non-profit pediatric community facilities and university clinics caring for the critical oral health needs of our nation's most vulnerable children," said Fern K. Ingber, president and Chief Executive Officer of the foundation.

The foundation provides its Affiliate Centers with resources to expand and enhance preventive, educational and treatment oral health services to children in their respective communities.

"The foundation is also laying the groundwork to begin providing global support to developing nations," she added.

The foundation is operated through a cooperative effort of leading dental industry companies, associations, educators and individual practices providing support through monetary and in-kind product and services.

"Heraeus is continually focused on what we must do to be a solid, responsible leader and an exceptional corporate citizen, and we are always looking for new ways to help make a positive and lasting contribution to society," said Christopher Holden, president of Heraeus. "As a company, and as individuals, we are truly inspired by the work of the National Children's Oral Health Foundation and its passion and commitment to help children in need."

Heraeus is donating a generous percentage of proceeds from the sale of Venus Crown and Bridge restorative materials to the Foundation and 100 percent of every dollar will go directly to sponsor a child in need.

For more information on the National Children's Oral Health Foundation or to become an Affiliate Dental Center, call (800) 559-9838 or visit the foundation's Web site at

For more information on Heraeus, call 800.431.1785 or visit Heraeus.

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