Sun Dental Labs announces release of Sunclear

Offers a more esthetically pleasing partial

Sun Dental

CLEARWATER, FL — Sun Dental Labs, a full service dental laboratory serving dentists and dental labs worldwide, has added a new product to their line of dental appliances. In an effort to help clinicians and patients looking for a more esthetically pleasing partial with tooth borne retention, Sun Dental Labs has created SunClear.

SunClear partials are a clear, monomer free, partial frame with clear clasping, that are virtually unbreakable under normal use. They are designed like traditional cast partials, but instead of metal, they are built on a microcrystalline frame that is semi rigid and transparent. In addition to the esthetics, they are retentive, easy to adjust, and can be relined or repaired chair side or at a local lab.

"Dentist and patients love SunClear because it is esthetically pleasing, comfortable, kind to the tissue, and can be made thin enough for ease of phonetics. They are virtually invisible in the mouth; everyone loves this new product.” explained Chuck Tagliarino, Vice President of Operations at Sun Dental Labs.

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SunClear comes after Sun Dental Labs’ successful launch of SunFlex®, their successful flexible partial denture which was named one of Dentistry Today’s Top 100 products of 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. SunClear is available to all dentist and dental labs worldwide.

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