DDME kicks off "Build the Dental Practice" referral program

New approach is called "Measure and Know"

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LAS VEGAS — DDME Inc. announces their new referral-based program called “Build The Dental Practice,” which combines a new clinical approach called, “Measure and Know, which has with the benefit of billing patients’ medical insurance. This program is being launched in California, with other states to follow in the coming months.

“Our practice building comes in three steps,” says Jeffory Wyscarver, president of DDME. “First is learning techniques that create new sources of patients while tapping into a practices’ existing patient population; second is teaching techniques to more efficiently capture objective-based evidence when making treatment decisions; and third, establishing a method by which the practice leverages patients’ medical benefits to ensure reimbursement."

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The program will be launched May 10at Burbank Dental Laboratory, where the first “Build The Dental Practice” course is being held. According to Bob Vartanian, V.P. of Business Development at Burbank Dental Laboratory, “We have not seen such a strong positive response from our dentists in quite some time. Our dentists are facing a number of financial headwinds, and this program comes at a time when they need support in building their practices."

DDME recently created the “Measure and Know” clinical approach of treating patients for snoring, sleep apnea, and TMD. This simple but powerful approach shows dentists how to collect objective evidence when making treatment decisions ,which increases the effectiveness of treatment while driving down costs associated with treating all three conditions independently.

“Many people don't realize their dentist can assist in snoring and problems associated with sleep apnea,” Wyscarver said. “However, when asked, patients are very willing to talk to their dentist about snoring and sleep apnea. We believe many of people can be helped by one of our member dentists using our Practice Building Program.” He noted that the number of untreated sleep apnea patients is in the millions.

To learn more about the Practice Building Program and how you can become a DDME member dentist, or to sign up for the May 10 course at Burbank Dental Laboratory (offering 7 hours of CE credit), visit DDMEOnline.com or contact DDME directly at 702-420-7030.

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