Integration of the exocad model creator with the Stratasys Eden260V 3-D printing system

In this whitepaper from Stratasys, Avi Cohen discusses today's digital dental landscape and the integration of new 3-D technolog.

Cohen Lab Article

The digital dental landscape is in a state of constant technological evolution. For the discerning dental professional, being at the forefront of these changes ensures enhanced, long-term business viability. For example, exocad GmbH’s computer-aided design software and solutions are utilized by many dental CAD/CAM providers and resellers as platforms in their own digital design software.

The company’s versatility and breadth of solutions provide the digital dental professional with robust solutions for the treatment team. Among the many solutions available, the exocad Model Creator add-on module allows a physical model to be printed directly from an intraoral or impression scan with different pinning modalities.

In this white paper from Stratasys, Avi Cohen, Director of Global Dental for Stratasys, illustrates the seamless integration of the exocad Model Creator with the Objet Eden260V 3-D Printer from Stratasys.

Mr. Cohen concludes that digital dentistry is quickly becoming a staple for dental treatments among discerning dental professionals. 3-D printed models can now easily and cost-effectively validate the intricacies of oral topography via intaoral or impression scans.

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