The Esthetic CrossRef in the dental lab

The Esthetic CrossRef accurately records the patient's midline and horizontal plane.

Will Devine

Reprinted with permission from Whip Mix

The Esthetic CrossRef Centered Bite Record or CrossRef for short, is a useful tool for translating the patient’s midline and horizontal plane chair side. This allows critical information to be sent to the lab in order for them to create a more visually pleasing restoration. All too often, information regarding characteristics of the patient bite, which are valuable guides for fabrication, are not captured. Ultimately this could lead to extensive modification of the prosthesis or worse, reveal the need for a complete remake.

This video depicts the materials and steps you will need to take when your dental lab receives a case with the Estheic CrossRef.

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Remember, utilizing the Esthetic CrossRef Centered Bite Record can help deliver a more esthetic restoration giving pleasing form in addition to function. The CrossRef provides a more consistent and easier option to the traditional stick bite.

Will Devine

Will Devine, CDT, TE is retired from the United States Air Force and has over 20 years of dental laboratory experience. As a Technical Support Representative at Whip Mix, Will's primary focus is assisting customers with questions regarding our consumable products and equipment.

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