exocad expands choices for dental professionals

Company announces several product enhancements.

Exocad Es

LEXINGTON, Massachusetts--exocad GmbH, a global company providing advanced CAD/CAM software solutions with "Freedom of Choice," has announced several enhancements.

"Freedom of Choice" means that OEMs and end-users of exocad based systems can decide for themselves which scanning, material, and fabrication technologies, business and support/maintenance model best suits their evolving needs now and in the future.

The first announcement is the integration of even more desktop scanners: 3M/Steinbichler, 3Shape, and Renishaw-made scanners are now supported by the exoscan module.

"We get more and more requests from customers who would like to preserve their capital hardware investment, but would prefer to upgrade their CAD to exocad, to enhance their productivity," said Tillmann Steinbrecher, general manager and CEO of exocad.

"We work closely with partners like 3M, Steinbichler, and Renishaw to allow users of their scanners to work with exocad. In cases where a direct cooperation with the scanner manufacturer is not an option, we find other solutions (e.g. through third party plugins that provide the desired compatiblity)."

Specifically, dental labs who own CAD/CAM systems linked to scanners such as 3M (Lava ST1 and ST2), 3Shape (D6XX, D7XX) and Renishaw-made tactile scanners (regardless of the branding), can now upgrade to an exocad-based system for only the cost of software. The 3Shape exoscan driver was developed independently by a third party software company, Glory Grace.

Second, exocad has announced support of 3M True Definition and open 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanners, including full-color scan import from the TRIOS Color (working for as long as TRIOS continues to be an open system). Together with a new "chairside" user interface, clinicians can now collaborate with lab technicians and fabrication centers on chair-side CAD/CAM cases.

This collaborative environment uses exocad's dentalshare to create a seamless communication between exocad-based labs and clinicians. Each clinician has "freedom of choice" on every chairside scanned case, to send-to-lab, send-to-lab and chair-side mill, or do full chairside design and mill using exocam. The True Definition support was developed in cooperation with 3M; the TRIOS support was developed without support or consent from 3Shape.

Finally, exocad has continued ongoing DentalCAD software improvements with new touch-enabled user interface, compatible with all Microsoft Windows 8 devices, including the new Surface Pro 2 tablet. A major TruSmile enhancement allows ultra-realistic per-tooth rendering for different metal alloys, colored ceramics and monolithic materials.

Together with improved 2-D image handling, this leads to more predictable smile makeover results, and can be a marketing tool for labs and dentists. Exocad continues to research and innovate in two new modules, Dentures and Implant Planning for labs and chairside users, respectively.

For more information, visit www.exocad.com.

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