3M Unitek portal

Digital aolution enables easier treatment planning for orthodontic patients.

MONROVIA, California--3M Unitek has launched the Unitek Treatment Management Portal | TMP.

The software is an advanced orthodontic software platform that combines digital model imaging with interactive technology to enable customized treatment planning for orthodontic patients. The new software is also designed for use with 3M Unitek’s Incognito Appliance System.

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Unitek TMP delivers several patient treatment and case management benefits, including:

* 3-D digital models for effective and efficient treatment planning. Orthodontists may virtually display, analyze, and archive digital study models for analysis and treatment planning. Additionally, Unitek TMP can enhance patient consultations with 3-D digital models while increasing office productivity and efficiency through digital workflows. Unitek TMP features comprehensive patient treatment planning information and tools for precise model analysis, such as point-to-point measurements, Bolton Analysis, arch length, overjet, and overbite.
* Digital storage and instant access to patient records. Unitek TMP helps eliminate the requirement for physical models to reduce storage needs.
* Expedited ordering. The portal allows orthodontists to streamline ordering and digitally review setups for the Incognito Appliance System, to further customize and manage those cases digitally, and place orders with increased accuracy.
* Direct communication with the 3M Unitek lab is simplified with enhanced messaging and communication tools in the software.

“We are excited about the launch of the Unitek Treatment Management Portal because it provides our customers with a modern, digital platform for managing digital study models, orthodontic treatment planning, and efficient ordering of the 100%-customized Incognito Appliance System,” said Brian Anderson, global brand manager, Digital Orthodontics, 3M Unitek.

“Unitek TMP allows us to help orthodontists use our products more effectively and adds digital efficiency to their office with the added benefit of communicating instantly with 3M Unitek.”

Added Dr. Neil Warshawsky of Get It Straight Orthodontics, based in Chicago: “As a serious volume user of the Incognito Appliance System, TMP has become the digital backbone to my paperless practice. In my practice, we have found that TMP has helped us to organize patient data into a single digital storage site. The process is more efficient, and what I love most, I can run it from anywhere.

"In addition, we are enjoying our new, simplified Digital Work Flow,” continued Dr. Warshawsky. "I know of no other manufacturer who can provide this service at a globalized level. 3M stands for innovation and with the introduction of TMP they have proven, yet again, that they understand the orthodontic world is changing. I want to partner with the players who understand technology because they make my job easier."

For more informaiton, visit www.3MUnitek.com/TMP.

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