Ask Dr. Christensen: When are double-arch impressions better than full-arch impressions for crowns?

Dr. Gordon Christensen shares his extensive clinical knowledge through short videos. This week he talks about why double-arch impressions are better than full-arch impressions for crowns in some situations, even though they often are not taught in dental school.

Dr. Christensen assumes most dentists didn’t learn anything about double-arch impressions in dental school. Yet research shows that for one or two units, double-arch impressions are better than full-arch impressions. He displays two of the better double-arch trays on the market today. Both have many of the same excellent qualities.

Dr. Christensen concludes that for one or two restorations, a double-arch impression, assuming the occlusion is adjusted well before you use the tray, is better by far than full-arch impressions.

He tells dentists, "Do NOT feel second-class using double-arch impressions." While full-arch is definitely indicated at three units and above, or in some special situations, double-arch impressions are excellent for one or two units.

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