KOMET USA introduces Duet FP One-plus-One

Kit combines two systems for simplified final finishing of composites.

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ROCK HILL, South Carolina--The new Duet FP One-plus-One kit (LD1014) simplifies finishing and polishing of composite restorations by pairing two instrument systems in a single kit.

KOMET’s Q-Finisher carbides are matched with the new one-step, light-yellow polishers. Together, the instruments make finishing and polishing composite easy and efficient.

The procedure begins with the Q-Finisher carbide instruments, which feature cross-cut toothing specially engineered to help provide optimal surface quality on composite restorations. The non-cutting tips help ensure gentle finishing without damage to gingiva.

The new, one-step polishers feature a special silicone bond that provides flexibility and conformation to tooth anatomy. They incorporate ultra-fine-grit diamond particles for delivery of a final, high-shine polish to composites in a simple, efficient manner.

The kit contains one flame-shaped polisher, one cup-shaped polisher, two labial finishers, one palatal finisher, and one occlusal finisher. The kit also includes a specialized Komet stainless-steel bur block featuring silicone inserts to hold the instruments in place.

Kit components can be safely sterilized in an autoclave, and are resistant to degradation and deformation.

For more information, call (888) 566-3887 or visit www.komet-usa.com.

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