Ask Dr. Christensen: What are optimum tooth preparations for veneers?

Dr. Gordon Christensen addresses issues that affect dentists in their practices every day.

Sep 8th, 2014

Dr. Gordon Christensen answers questions from readers and offers his answers based on research, dentists' opinions worldwide, and personal observation.

In this week's video, Dr. Christensen explains that there has been a lot of controversy about the topic of tooth preparation for veneers. He shares photos of three patients before and after – two treated with ceramic and one with direct resin.

The first example with narrow central incisors he says was satisfied nicely with ceramic veneers. The second example of the patient treated with direct resin, a person in his late teens, worked well and cost about one third for a family with several children.

While the third patient could have been treated with resin, it would have been far more complicated to wrap the resin around the linguals, therefore ceramic veneers were more desirable.

To conclude, tooth preparation can be almost none as on the first patient, and again on the second patient, but a bit more complicated on the third example, which needed reduction so the veneers did not look too large.

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