BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus now available in compules

Previously only available in a syringe delivery system, BEAUTIFUL Flow Plus is now also available in compules.

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BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus, previously only available in a syringe delivery system, is now also available in compules.

BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus from Shofu Dental is the next step in the evolution of restorative materials, combining the convenience of a flowable with the physical properties and functionality that rivals leading hybrids. Approved for all indications, including Class II, BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus, presents a novel way to complete restorations quickly and easily using a single material, filled all the way up to the occlusal surface.

Shofu’s proprietary S-PRG (Surface Pre-Reacted Glass) technology also provides sustained fluoride release and recharge making it ideal for high caries index patients, or as a glass ionomer alternative. A smooth, self-leveling composition reduces the need to over-handle the material, speeding the restoration process and simplifying polishing.

Unlike other flowables, BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus has “stay-put” handling, amazing tooth-like light diffusion and chameleon properties that provide highly esthetic solutions without the need to stock every conceivable shade variation. Additionally, the material has 15% more radiopacity than enamel.

BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus compules are available in both viscosities, F00 (Zero Flow) for precision stacking, and F03 (Low Flow) for traditional flowability.

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