Coronavirus impact on dental practices: Insurance negotiations and charging for PPE (Video)

May 5, 2020
Master insurance negotiator Ben Tuinei explains that this is a good time for dental practices to approach insurance companies about negotiating their fees. He also discusses the PPE code offices have been asked to use.

Can dentists in fact negotiate their insurance rates? If so, how do they go about it? Master insurance negotiator Ben Tuinei of Veritas Dental Resources explains what dentists can do during this unprecedented time to get a break in their insurance rates. Mr. Tuinei has been reaching out to insurance companies on behalf of dentists and has been hearing back from the companies in record time recently. Insurance companies are making handsome profits during the epidemic because doctors’ offices are not submitting claims in their usual numbers. Therefore, the companies are more willing to negotiate now because they understand that dental practices are suffering due to office closures. Mr. Tuinei shares ideas with dentists on how to present their negotiations. He also discusses the PPE code dentists have been asked to use. Whether insurance companies will pay for those PPE claims remains to be seen.

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