Coronavirus impact on dental practices: Membership plans (If you want more revenue, watch this.)

May 8, 2020
As practices begin to reopen, what position will patients be in to pay for your services? Jordon Comstock of BoomCloud explains how a membership plan might help solve that problem.

Some dentists may be considering starting an in-house insurance plan, called a membership plan. Jordon Comstock founded and is CEO of BoomCloud, and he said business has been picking up lately. He describes a membership plan as being similar to Amazon Prime, offering discounts and other benefits to members. He explains what you need to look at in your practice while considering a plan, how a plan provides an automatic revenue stream, and what you want to offer and what you plan to charge for the plan.

Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz asks Comstock many questions from a dentist’s perspective. BoomCloud is designed to facilitate whatever plan a dentist chooses. Learn more about membership plans and whether starting one is right for you in this interview.

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