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Restorative, Cosmetic, and Whitening

What I love (and don’t love) about this dental restoration

Nov. 29, 2023
Dr. David Rice talks about what’s great about this dental restoration and what’s an absolute no-no. Watch for one minute and let us know what you think!
WTH is vape tongue? An explanation for dentists and dental hygienists

WTH is vape tongue? An explanation for dentists and dental hygienists

“Vape tongue” happens when a user temporarily loses their sense of taste. Join us in this episode of Medical History Mysteries as we look at why this occurs and why vape liquid...

Bad dental patient education: TikTok edition

Nov. 9, 2023
50% of people don’t go to a dentist. Do you know why? It’s because of “bad” patient education. Don’t miss the “good” ways you can educate your patients by showcasing your dental...
Epinephrine Dentistry
Anesthetics and Sedation

Epinephrine in dentistry: Pros and cons

Why is epinephrine even in local anesthesia when it can potentially cause tachycardia? Learn why this drug is so essential to anesthesia in dentistry, how it works, and what your...
Young Dentists

How to spot a difficult dental patient

Oct. 26, 2023
When your patient says the last four dentists couldn’t get her front teeth right, what makes you think you’ll be the one who can fix the problem? Learn to recognize difficult ...
Xylazine Fentanyl Pharmacology Dentistry

Xylazine and fentanyl: Implications for oral health care

There’s a dangerous cocktail brewing in the US: a mixture of xylazine and fentanyl. Dentist Pamela Maragliano-Muniz and pharmacist Tom Viola talk about the effects this has on...
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Tooth And Money

Chairside Connection: Insurance benefits and getting paid for what you do

Want to get paid for what you do? Who doesn't? Dr. Dominque Fufidio explains clinical claim reviewers, and why dentists should contact them.
Young Dentists Motivation

To all young dental professionals waiting for your moment ...

Oct. 18, 2023
If you’re a young dentist who wants to be successful, there are three steps you can take—or you can make it simple and get this one great read. Whatever you choose, we’ve got ...
Carbamazepine Cocaine Dental Pharmacology

Carbamazepine and cocaine: Risks and side effects of this new drug cocktail

In some areas, the anticonvulsant carbamazepine (Tegretol) is being added to cocaine to boost the drug’s euphoric effect. Be aware of the dental implications when administering...
Acetaminophen Ibuprofen Pain Relief Dentistry Pharmacology

Ibuprofen and acetaminophen: Still the pain control combo of choice?

Join us in Medical History Mysteries as we talk about the ibuprofen/acetaminophen drug cocktail. Is this still the preferred combo for pain control over an opioid?
Dental Office

"Unicorn" dental offices: How to find them—or create one!

Who wouldn't want to work in a unicorn dental office? Dentist David Rice and hygienist Candy Velez talk about what makes a practice special and how to create a place where everyone...