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The future is now for the American Dental Assistants Association!

March 23, 2016
The American Dental Assistants Association has a new president. Virginia Cairrao, CDA, FADAA, begins her term by saying, "it is with tremendous honor and excitement that I assume the role of president of the ADAA." She says the organization is headed in the right direction.
“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” Lewis Carroll, “Alice in Wonderland”

Do you know where you’re going? For some, this is an easy question, and for others it’s hard because our “destinations” change through the years. Where we want to be and what we want to accomplish can vary. One destination, however, remains constant and common for us as members of the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA). Our organization is going forward and upward, and it’s growing.

With the transition in administration to Solutions for Associations this past year, the ADAA has experienced growth in both membership and member services. We have seen attention to and focus on our members. We have a new website and an online journal. We are achieving financial stability, and we’ve set attainable goals for the immediate future.

It is with tremendous honor and excitement that I assume the role of president of the ADAA. I am looking forward to working with dental assistants, listening to our members, and continuing the work of my predecessors. It is my intention, as your president, to remain focused on the positive changes that have taken place in the past and to do more to ensure our continued growth in the future.

Along with the dedicated members of this association and a team of professionals, we are on the road to success! We will take one step at a time to reach our destination. But don’t be fooled … once we get there we won’t stop. My vision is to represent this association as its president and to place the “right” individuals in the “right” places to get our business accomplished.

I have a passion for the profession of dental assisting and the ADAA, to which I have belonged for 32 years. I have served in many levels of leadership and believe that this experience will help me during my term as your president.

For the past year I’ve accompanied past president Kimberly Bland to regional meetings to prepare for my new role. I look forward to visiting other states and hearing member’s ideas for ways to continue to provide the very best in membership services and propel our association into the future.

The American Dental Assistants Association has proudly been the recognized voice of dental assisting for over 90 years. It remains committed to promoting quality dental health care to the public and enhancing the public image and stature of the dental assisting profession. For more information on the ADAA, visit

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