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Why dental assisting is a top job

July 19, 2017
Now is a great time to be a dental assistant. DANB shares many of the reasons why dental assisting is a great career choice!  

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Many dental assistants love their careers, and for good reason! Dental assisting offers variety and career growth. Here are some examples of why dental assisting is a fantastic career.

There’s flexibility in how to become a dental assistant. Some assistants are trained on the job,

others attend a formal dental assisting education program, and some dental assistants have a combination of on-the-job training and classroom education. Additionally, many states offer multiple ways to become eligible to earn state credentials and perform additional duties. To learn more about the dental assisting requirements in your state—and the different ways you can meet those requirements—visit DANB’s Search by State Map.

Career growth
More and more, states are expanding the functions that dental assistants are allowed to perform – which means more opportunity for dental assistants’ career growth. In most states, DANB’s Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification or its component exams are recognized or required as one way to be eligible to take on more duties. Visit DANB’s website to learn more about DANB’s CDA certification, how DANB certification can advance your dental assisting career and other benefits of DANB certification.

Opportunity for development
Dental assistants often wear many hats – for example, working both chairside and front office. This means that dental assistants are uniquely positioned to improve the dental practice’s efficiency through their many touchpoints. This also means that dental assistants can enhance the role the play by continuing to invest in their professional development. The DALE Foundation, the official DANB affiliate, offers online continuing education for dental auxiliaries to prepare for DANB exams, learn about dental office management topics and expand their careers. To see what’s available, visit the DALE Foundation’s product catalog.

Helping others
Time and time again, dental assistants have shared how much they love helping others and bringing a smile to the patient’s face. Most dental assistants have a caring and compassionate nature, and being on the front lines of patient interaction is one of their greatest joys. Most dental assistants would consider themselves to be a “people person,” and their chosen profession is a great way for their natural talent of connecting with others to shine. The DALE Foundation offers a free video series to learn more about your career as a dental auxiliary.

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