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The 12 habits of dental assistant rock stars

Oct. 18, 2018
To be the best dental assistant you can be, here are 12 habits you should adopt. These will help the days go smoother and the staff appreciate you even more.
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A rock star dental assistant’s mission is to assist the dentist in every way possible, enabling him or her to provide efficient, high-quality dentistry to patients. This includes striving to maintain excellent patient relations while ensuring patients are well cared for, happy, and satisfied.

Here are the 12 habits of dental assistant rock stars

Dental assistant habit 1: A rock star assistant ensures he or she is properly trained and continuously strives to improve his or her skill set.

Dental assistant habit 2: A rock star assistant must have initiative. For example, if a dental assistant feels there is room for improvement, the person can research what's working for other practices in terms of materials, techniques, and more.

Dental assistant habit 3: A rock star assistant should ask the dentist questions in advance, such as, “Are you planning a buildup, and with what material?” or “Is this a final impression today?”

Dental assistant habit 4: A rock star assistant needs to be accountable and take pride in his or her work.

Dental assistant habit 5: A rock star assistant needs to know why a procedure is done, not just how it is done.

Dental assistant habit 6: A rock star assistant needs to be open to constructive correction and criticism.

Dental assistant habit 7: A rock star assistant needs to predict what instruments or supplies the dentist will need.

Dental assistant habit 8: A rock star assistant should always look at the upcoming two days to help organize and plan accordingly.

Dental assistant habit 9: A rock star assistant must truly care about patients and want to help them.

Dental assistant habit 10: A rock star assistant should always chat with a patient after the dentist leaves the room to let the patient know the dentist is the best they’ve ever worked with, and that the treatment recommended is spot on.

Dental assistant habit 11: A rock star assistant must be able to communicate effectively when answering questions or explaining treatment to patients.

Dental assistant habit 12: A rock star assistant must be able to communicate effectively to the treatment coordinator when passing the patient to ensure the patient’s needs are met.

I know you want to rock your dental practice and be the best that you can be, for the benefit of patients, your team members, and you. Work on perfecting these 12 rock star habits, and I assure you that you’ll feel better about your job, your coworkers, and your contributions to the dental practice. Rock on!

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