Heraeus Kulzer launches Flexitime Monophase Pro Scan impression material

Heraeus Kulzer, LLC, the worldwide leader in dental esthetics, announced today the launch of Flexitime Monophase Pro Scan impression material. The new material was shown in a recent international study of 46 dentists to be a significant improvement over Heraeus' highly successful Flexitime Monophase impression material
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The three-month study demonstrated that Flexitime Monophase Pro Scan improves upon the performance of Flexitme Monophase impression material by delivering even greater precision, flexibility and security.
The new material received high marks from the dentists participating in the study: 97 percent praises the readability of the impression, 86 percent praised its higher Shore A hardness, and 87 percent rated working with the impression material as comfortable to very comfortable.

“Improving upon the outstanding performance of Flexitime Monophase is a tall order,” said Lesley Melvin, Heraeus Product Manager, “but these impressive results make it clear that Flexitme Monophase Pro Scan is not only a significant improvement, but perhaps the most innovative impression material on the market.”

Flexitime Monophase Pro Scan’s flexible setting-time feature allows sufficient working time for all monophase techniques as well as for more extensive and complex cases. It’s short intraoral setting time increases efficiency and reduces stress for dentists, while increasing patient comfort.

The new material’s higher Shore A hardness of 65 indicates that the new material is especially suitable for implant impressions, generating optimal fit of the abutment due to the secure fixation of the implant posts. Flexitime Monophase Pro Scan also features optimized hydrophilicity and flowability, ensuring optimal flow in the sulcus and to the implant posts and thus accurate reproduction of details. This avoids unnecessary impression repeats, provides accurately fitting restorations and implants, and saves time and money.

With its matte surface and greater opacity, Flexitime Monophase Pro Scan’s color, which is easily read by laser scanners, facilitates visual checking of the impression result. The impression is easy to remove from the mouth and remains free of distortion due to excellent recovery from deformation. As a result, the material offers the highest level of dimensional stability to ensure accurately fitting temporary dentures. Furthermore, Flexitime Monophase Pro Scan can be easily used with CAD/CAM technology, as powder-free, direct scanning of the impression without requiring previous model casting reduces the possibilities of imprecision in the processing chain and thus increases accuracy and efficiency in the digital workflow. This also enables the dental technician to start fabricating the framework before the gypsum model has been prepared, which saves time and improves communication and planning between the dentist and the laboratory.

An optimal marginal seal of the restoration is an important criterion for accurately fitting prosthetics, and requires exact surface detail reproduction and an accurate working model. The study showed that nearly 91 percent were satisfied with the new material's detail reproduction of the tooth surfaces and 96 percent with its detail reproduction of the mucosal surfaces.

The field of indications for Flexitime Monophase Pro Scan ranges from crowns and bridges, through inlays and onlays to transfer and implant impressions and functional impressions.

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