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Aug. 26, 2009
Following are some questions we've received from

Following are some questions we've received from

Dear ADIA,
I am an assistant in a practice beginning to do implants. The hygienist in our practice has ordered some special implant instruments for her maintenance appointments. I'm worried because I’ve been using a metal instrument to remove excess cement. What should I be using?
CDA in St. Louis

Hi St. Louis CDA,
Great question! Take a deep breath and relax. No significant harm should have occurred; however, we do recommend using instruments that are proven through research, and SEM photos not to scratch or mar titanium. Ask your hygienist if you can borrow some of her instruments, or just order some for your operatory.

Dear ADIA,
Do patients need to be premedicated before an implant procedure?
MT in San Diego

Dear MT,
This is a source of great confusion for many. Here are the official publications to discuss with your team to be sure everyone understands the current modifications to the protocol.

Following are the Web links for further information:

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