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ASI releases DentaPure and KeepClear

Dec. 18, 2013

ASI Dental Carts Now Equipped with DentaPure®

ASI is now equipping its carts with the DentaPure® B Series Water System Disinfecting Cartridge, designed to install directly into the water supply bottles. Each bottle contains a DP40, treating up to 40 liters of water, or two month’s service. Upgrade to the DP365B to treat 240 liters of water, or one year’s service.

DentaPure combines iodine atoms with a resin carrier, making it possible to control the number of atomic isotopes of iodine released as water passes through it. Because isotopic iodine contains no proteins, there is no allergic reaction and patients report very little or no iodine taste when installed on clean lines. There is no biofilm buildup because there is no living organic matter passing through the line. This system eliminates the need for mixing tablets or using distilled water. Tap water is recommended, and will meet or exceed all ADA/CDC standards.

ASI Introduces Keep Clear™

KeepClear™, ASI’s new Enzymatic Evacuation System Cleaner, is now available. It is a super concentrated, non-foaming enzymatic cleaner that breaks down protein based solids and increases their water solubility. This action allows protein based soils to be easily rinsed from the inside of suction handpieces, tubings, and reservoirs. KeepClear™ will break down blood, mucous, and other proteins that form hard deposits that interfere with suction performance.

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