Customer opinion tool measures dental patient satisfaction

July 7, 2006
Feedback via online survey can help dentists develop an even more effective relationship with patients.

Now dentists can receive feedback from patients about their services, easily and affordably. Feedback that will help dentists enhance patient care and discover even more about patient needs.

Introducing DentistCheckup, a professionally systematized customer opinion tool that measures patient satisfaction. All aspects of DentistCheckup are handled securely online. This makes participation easy for patients, and it results in consistent and timely feedback for dentists.

"In this era when health-care businesses are highly competitive and consumers' knowledge and expectations require first-class service, it's an opportune time for dental practices to distinguish themselves," says Mark DeTorre, founder of DentistCheckup.

"DentistCheckup is all about enhancing the dentist/patient relationship, where everyone wins. By knowing what's important to the patient, the entire dental staff attains a higher level of success. And patients receive better care than before."

Dentists subscribe to the service in either six- or 12-month increments via the DentistCheckup website. Included in the DentistCheckup Welcome Packet dental practices receive after subscribing are survey access cards, which are handed to patients before they leave the office.

Patients visit a designated website that contains a five-minute questionnaire. For participating in the survey, they can place their name in a national monthly drawing that awards $500 cash each month. Feedback is anonymous.

Monthly results are presented to dentists online, securely and privately. Through close examination of the results, DentistCheckup helps dentists establish even stronger relationships where ultimately, they clearly know what is important to patients. Dental offices use this information to differentiate their practices.

DentistCheckup also assists in establishing a dialogue not only between patients and dentists but also amongst the entire dental office staff, serving as a team-building tool.

Learn more about DentistCheckup at Subscribing could very well be one of the wisest business investments dentists can make for their practices in this competitive environment.