Talking Turkey

We are offering up the microphone so you can tell us how the dental practice should be run. What are the top three things you think dentists should know?

Sep 25th, 2009

No, I'm not talking about the large bird that we here in the United States and serve on Thanksgiving. I'm talking about "jive."

At RDH eVillage, we want to provide an "open mike," so to speak, and invite you to share with us what you think your dentist employer needs to know, or should know, about dental hygienists' running a successful hygiene department, emerging technologies, and/or insights into your practice so it may thrive.

This is an opportunity for you to be the "consultant" without ramifications and "talk hygiene turkey."

What are we going to do with all of this advice? We will compile it in a summary article to share with RDH eVillage readers and our dental online newsletter, Dental Economics' Expert Tips.

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to get opinions, insights, and allow voices to be heard, and "talk turkey" to the dental profession.

What are the top three to five things that you think dentists should know? Send me an email at

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