Brenda, RDH, needs your help

We asked for your feedback in the last issue. Out of the responses we received, we're launching a new feature called "Help out a hygienist!" Brenda wants your feedback on how any product has dramatically changed the way you practice.

I received some great responses to last issue's survey questions in my Director's Message, "Where is it all headed?"

From those responses, a new feature this year will be, "Help a Hygienists Out!"

Brenda, one of the hygienists participating in the survey, wrote, "It's good to know about new products but would love to see/hear how others are using them and how it has changed what they used to do …. would love to hear other stories from other hygienists on how products have changed the way they practice."

Sometimes, we feel isolated or unsure in our clinical practices. We desire to get a pulse on what others are doing, what's working, and what didn't work, so perhaps we can learn and grow. Think of the new feature as RDH eVillage "mentorship."

In the "Help Out a Hygienist" section, I will choose a topic submitted by a reader and post a few open-ended questions. If you have knowledge, expertise, and or guidance in regard to the topic or questions, please reply and I will post the answers and feedback in the next issue.

Cultivating positive work environments that promote productivity and engagement is how we can continue to empower each other to bring our best at work and at play. Brenda, RDH, thanks to you for your feedback!

Click here to "Help out a Hygienist!"

Kristine Hodsdon, RDH
Director, RDH eVillage

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