Toothfairy Tributes

Sept. 28, 2007
Dental hygienists jump-start the Toothfairy Campaign.

by Sandra Boucher-Bessent, RDH, BS

"The magic continues as we all give our best to improve the lives of others," said Anne Guignon, when she contacted National Children's Oral Health Foundation to report the first official donation to the Toothfairy Campaign.

Anne took it upon herself to organize a raffle at a course she presented in Beaver Falls, Pa. Sybron Dental provided a pair of loupes for the raffle. "I had hoped to raise $500, maybe even $750 for the National Children's Oral Health Foundation. I prayed that the audience of 116 would open their hearts to this amazing opportunity. Well, they did! By the end of the day we collected $865 for NCOHF."

Cathy Seckman was so inspired by the response at the course in Beaver Falls, that she put together a "Summer Fun Gift Basket" to raffle at the RDH Under One Roof conference in Washington, D.C.

"The gift basket," she reported, "sat at the registration desk for a day and a half, so lots of people had a chance to see it. Between Thursday morning and Friday afternoon, there were five of us selling tickets in different places, then three people went through the audience toward the end of my program, selling more tickets. Craig Dickson (publisher of RDH announced the result before the wrap-up session, so several hundred more people heard of the Toothfairy Campaign."

She added, "The raffle worked out so well that I hope to do it at every presentation I give."

In recognition of all who responded to a questionnaire on RDH eVillage, Waterpik donated $1 for each response to the National Children's Oral Health Foundation. Thanks to all the respondents who helped raise a contribution of $191 through this initiative, which was designed by Waterpik's dental hygiene educators.

Those deserving honorable mention and heartfelt thanks include:

• Anne Guignon, RDH

• Sybron Dental

• Dr. Spokane and the Beaver Falls Dental Society

• Cathy Seckman, RDH

• Craig Dickson of PennWell

• Linda Belaus of Dental Jobs

• Waterpik

• RDH e-village

• And all the wonderful hygienists that contributed time and money!

Sandra Boucher-Bessent, RDH, BS, is the National Program Director for The National Children's Oral Health Foundation, which is based in Charlotte, N.C. For more information, visit