Global Volunteers Invites Hygienists to Work With Greece's 'Special Citizens'

March 1, 2004
Two-week commitment gives volunteers a chance to brighten the lives of the disabled.

Global Volunteers, celebrating its 20th year in the international service arena, invites compassionate individuals to work with the handicapped in the city of Sidirokastro, Greece.

Volunteers to this northern Greek city of 8,000 will spend two weeks befriending and caring for youths and adults with disabilities. The volunteers will serve as cheerful companions to these special individuals ¿ playing and conversing with them, as well as accompanying them on day trips and excursions into the fresh air. Many of these individuals have been isolated in a government home for most of their lives and hunger for a friendly smile or kind word. Medical expertise is not required; just bring an open mind, flexible attitude and helping heart.

Working with the handicapped will be the volunteers' primary focus; however, there may be a limited number of volunteer slots available for those who wish to teach English or computer skills or work on maintenance and painting projects.

Teams are planned for May 8-22 and Sept. 4-16. Volunteers pay a service program fee of $2,495 to cover costs of food, lodging, ground transportation and program expenses; airfare is extra. (Discounts available for students and those who use internet processing.)

Sidirokastro is located in the Macedonia region of Northern Greece, an area rich in historic sites and natural beauty. During free time in the evenings and on the weekend, volunteers can enjoy exuberant Greek hospitality, visit folk art and history museums or hike the rugged terrain of lakes and mountains. The nearby port city of Thessaloniki boasts a world-famous archaeological museum.

Call 800-487-1074 or write to [email protected] for more information. The website is Via U.S. mail: 375 E. Little Canada Road, St. Paul, MN 55117.

Founded in 1984 in St. Paul, Minn., USA, Global Volunteers is a nonprofit, international development organization that offers short-term service programs in over 20 countries, including the rural United States. For complete details, call 1-800-487-1074, check out the website at, or write: 375 E. Little Canada Road, St. Paul, MN 55117; [email protected]. -30-